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  • What exactly is Burlesque? How much nudity is there?
    Burlesque is a form of performance art that originated in vaudville theatres in America. Modern day burlesque has evolved since and is as diverse as the performers & audiences who enjoy it! However burlesque is the Art of Striptease, regardless of what style or genre. Burlesque performers will strip down to panties and pasties; although there is some nudity in Burlesque, there is not full nudity. If you are looking to hire entertainers for your upcoming event, however you are looking for something more modest, we offer subtle stripteases, performances that are just as glamorous and fun, but without bra removals. We are happy to discuss your specific needs further.
  • I don't have any dance training? Can I still do Burlesque?
    Absolutely! Burlesque is not a form of dance, it is a performance art that has elements of movement in it. Most professional and accomplished performers do not have professional dance experience or training. Often, we say it can be a hinderance. Burlesque is about intension and audience connection, not how well you can dance.
  • What if my body isn't the 'right size' for Burlesque?
    There is no such thing as a burlesque body. Every Body is a Burlesque Body!! Burlesque is about empowered sensuality, not what size your body is. All are welcome. * Burlesque is a safe space for all bodies, genders, races, age, and abilities *
  • How long are Burlesque Performances?
    Burlesque Acts range from 5 minutes to 10 minutes. Although this seems like a short time, it's the perfect length for us to seduce the audience & leave them wanting more. And while stage time might be under 10 minutes, the preperation time for one performance is hours! If you are looking for more than one performance, we also offer 'roving' Meet & Greets. After a Burlesque Performance, your audience often is eager for photos, videos, and chit chats. Our artists happily appear in a new costume with a prop, mingling with your guests. Please contact us and we will find what suits your event and guests best.
  • What if I want to try Burlesque for fun without the commitment?
    There is absolutely no pressure with any class or workshop to get on stage. Miss Paige is a strong believer in burlesque classes being safe, fun, educational, and empowering. There is nothing empowering about forced performances. All of our teachers will meet you where you are at.
  • What is Your Cancelation Policy?
    For all Classes, Workshops, Boudoir Events, and Shows, within 48hours of the event, no refunds or cancelations are offered. DBE reserves the right to include a 20% cancelation fee to a rescheduled event. All of our teachers, professionals, and performers work very hard and spaces are limited. For cancelations more than 2 weeks away from the Event, Workshop or Class, a complimentary rescheduling will be offered. A 20% cancelation fee will apply to cancelations less than 2 weeks from the event. Any cancelation within 5 business days from the event is considered a cancelation and no refund will be provided. Thank you for your understanding. Please contact Miss Paige with any questions or concerns regarding the Cancelation Policy at * Extenuating circummances happen, we understand. In the result or dealth, extreme injury, proof of positive Covid test, or in other extreme cirrcumstances, we will happily provide a full refund.*
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