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Canada's Luxury Burlesque Artiste

International & Multi Award Winning Headliner, Burlesque Bombshell, Artiste, & Showgirl.
 The Teacher of Tease, Mentor of Mischief, & Creative Director of Dangerous Beauty Entertainment,
Miss Paige is Beauty, Booty & Brains.

Miss Paige has performed her signature Opulent Bump 'N Grind Burlesque a
cross North America, from Montreal, New York City, Arizona, & Beyond - currently residing in Toronto.
With over a decade of experience under her garter belt, Miss Paige has earned her place as one of Canada's premier Burlesque Artists.

Past Clients Include: L'Oreal, Sephora, Oliver & Bonacini, McMaster University, OCAD University, Bisha Hotel, Gladstone Hotel, La Nuit Shanghai (Mtl), & more.


Miss Paige's Signature Shows

 Miss Starburst 

Star of the Golden Age

Multi-Award Winning Act

Blazing onto your stage as a show-stopping vintage starlet, set to a sexy bump & grind instrumental. Miss Paige brings glamour, seduction, and classic Old Hollywood vibes with a stroke of danger. Bursting with attitude, sexuality, and je ne sais quoi, Paige ends the show with a glove peel for the ages. An exclusive, bespoke golden robe appears as if to be straight from a Film Noir picture show. This star is ready to burst onto your stage leaving a trail of lingerie and broken hearts.
Colour Palette: Gold, Yellow, Black. Standard Length & Longform Available.

 Miss Midnight Moon 

Coming Soon ..

Inspired by the great moon models of the 40s & 50s, Miss Midnight Moon is Miss Paige's most dazzling costume yet; a porcelain moon of Swarovski crystals amongst the stars. Set to the dramatic 'Skyfall' by Adele, this opulent show will leave your audience seduced & speechless. Perfect for your most Glamorous Affairs, Vintage Soirée, Large Stage Events, and PG Parties. 

Colour Palette: Cobalt Blue, Sapphire, & Cream. Standard Length & Longform Available

 Miss Cream of Hearts 

Cream Your Heart Out

What Kind of Woman is This? 

Bump 'n Grind Glamour showcasing vintage inspired custom costuming, covered in Swarosvki crystals, bringing the Boudoir to you. With a track from the iconic Buddy Guy, 'What Kind of Woman is This', Paige is sure to seduce & steal your audience's hearts. One of Paige's Signature acts & a fan favourite, performed across North America. Features a panty dropping finale! Perfect for Large Stage Events, Valentine's Day, Vintage Events, and Intimate Soirées.
Colour Palette: Red & Cream. Standard Length & Longform Available.

 Madame Reaper 

The Glam Reaper

This Slow Burn Striptease is Miss Paige's Vintage Haute Couture inspired Show. Miss Paige asked the question, what if the Grim Reaper was a beautiful woman, seducing you to the grave? The answer; Madame Reaper. Performed to the Jazz Standard 'St. James Infirmary', this Show is classic burlesque, reimagined. With gorgeous Rose imagery  and Swarovski incrusted pieces, Madame Reaper is as much a  glamorous, visual treat as it is a Sensual Striptease.  Perfect for your private party, floor show, and special event! Those new to burlesque will be floored by the Fashion & Artistry of this Act. 
Colour Palette: Red, Black, & hints of Green. Standard Length & Longform Available. 

 Miss Tiffany Blues 

The Hoochie Coochie Gal

Classic High Glamour Burlesque to some of Blue's most iconic women. This dazzling and daring costume is an audience favourite. A larger than life mermaid skirt with a seductive back zipper highlights Paige's most notable ASSets. Costuming inspired by the iconic Tiffany Jewelry Box, this act is a Diamond amongst Rhinestones. Currently enjoying some upgrades, inquire regarding availability.
Colour Palette: Tiffany Blue & White. Standard Length Available.

 Miss Nightmare 

Madame From Hell

Gothic Glamour reimagined with this powerful & seductive striptease inspired by the iconic figure, Lilith. Performed across North America, originally created for the Hendrick's Gin, Something Strange Festival, Miss Nightmare is the perfect sophisticated Halloween or Dark Glamour act. Featuring luxurious sweeping skirt, (faux) fur, & Swarovski encrusted corset, this costume is classic in appearance and bold in performance.  Performed to a custom Billie Eillish & instrumental mix, or an all instrumental Nightmare by Artie Shaw.
Colour Palette: Dark Green & Black. Standard Length & Longform Available.

 Miss Royal-Tease 

The Chilling Slow Burn

Elegant and Glamorous, this chilling slow-burn tease is both strong and seductive, showcasing regal & premier costuming. Dressed is a luscious robe by the famous Catherine D'lish, Miss Paige slips down with a big blue boa to finish you off. Performed to sexy bluesy rock number 'Blue Veins', this act is sleek & sophisticated, down to the last garment drop. 
Colour Palette: Gun Metal Grey, Royal Blue. Standard Length & Longform Available.

 Live Band Burlesque 

Musicality, intuition, and strong  improvisation skills are needed for live band burlesque. Being a lifelong musician, starting piano at age 7 & working for years as a classically trained Soprano, Miss Paige is in her element with a live band. Inquire today to bring Paige to accompany your live band, be it Jazz, Rock, Blues, & beyond!

Past Live Band Events Include: Secret Room (NYC), Broadway Brassy's Burlesque at Apotheke (NYC), Keepeasy with the Keep Kats (NYC), Pterodactyl Problems (TO), Live Band Burlesque at The Gladstone (TO), Peek-A-Boo Burlesque at Drom Taberna (TO) & more.

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